Day Three

Yesterday was our medical clinic day.  It took two and a half very bumpy hours of driving to get to our tiny little village of 34 families.  We divided up, some of us working in the clinic, others playing outside with the children.  The guys played a rowdy game of soccer with the boys and got the snot beat out of them!  The ladies painted fingernails and braided hair and played jumprope.  Then we all sat down to watch the Jesus film, Hermano Jesus preached and nearly the entire village accepted Jesus as their savior or rededicated themselves to him. So many tears and hugs…it was beautiful!

Today the men were up and at it early working on drywall and the ladies headed out for a hike in the mountains.  Well, it was just a walk from the mission base to the nearest village but to us, it felt like a looooonnnnnggggg hike in the mountains so we were tired before we even started working in the orphanage!  Then we started sorting through clothing trying to help come up with a better system of organization for the children’s clothing in the orphanage and others of us painted one of the playrooms that was very dark and scary and is now much brighter and more cheerful.

Now we have just finished eating dinner, devotions start in a half hour.  Most everyone is sitting around talking and laughing, getting to know each other.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are work days around here, Thursday we head to Guatemala City to the Ghetto and the dump.  Friday we may be visiting another orphanage.

The satellite has not been working well, the blog has been spotty, so if you are not hearing from your particular loved one…they miss you and love you!!!

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Safe Arrival!

Well, thanks to many prayers, we had safe and uneventful, albeit long, travel!  Our travel day started by 8:00 am and ended at 1:30 am, but everything went well and on time.  We arrived at the mission base very tired and were just starting to unpack our suitcases and get ready for bed when all the lights went out, which made things a little difficult!  Some of us slept very well, others not at all.  Hopefully tonight will be good for all of us.

The day saw us all getting to work right away.  The guys got started hanging drywall and making lots of noise by 7:30.  The women were down in the orphanage holding and playing with babies, changing diapers and trying to remember all the babies’ names.  They went for a long walk with all ten babies and Sheila and Judith (two of the “mamas”) so they will all sleep very well tonight!

Tomorrow the group heads to a small village of 34 families to do a medical clinic.  Please pray for hearts to be softened to hear and accept the Gospel.

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Open Doors Orphanage/Construction January 2013, January 18th – 26th, 2013.

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